houseboat for sale 2018

Houseboat Sale

What Do YOU Want for Christmas? Check out the Houseboat Sale!

Houseboat for sale 2018 interior photo

There are gifts that you open right away and they are forgotten. BUT there are those really special gifts that are the ones that give for years to come.

How about a Big Red Bow on a Houseboat for that special gift under your tree this year….To be specific, How about a 53 Foot Aluminum Houseboat built by Salabrations? How about stopping by Mitchell Creek Marina to take a look?

There are 3 Houseboats for Sale. All Built in 2006-07 by Salabrations.

Call Mitchell Creek Marina: 931.823.6666

To take a look at the best Holiday Gift EVER…

6 thoughts on “Houseboat Sale”

    1. Hi Gina!
      I’m so glad you are interested! There are 3 Houseboats for sale and each one is a little different. PLEASE give a call to the office 931.823.6666 and come take a look at each of them. There are many details about each one and you will want to take a look!

    1. Hi Barbara!
      Each of the three boats are a little different! Please give a call to 931.823.6666 or come tour them! Call first and we’ll make sure we have someone to meet you and answer all questions about each of the boats – from sleeping room to engine questions! Really happy to see you are interested!

      1. I live in Louisville and would like more info before traveling the 3+ hours to get there. We need one that sleeps 10 and has a slide on the back.

        1. If you will call (931) 823-6666 weekdays during business hours 8-4 and speak with our manager, Brian, he will provide you specific details so you can best use your travel time. Thanks for your interest, and we hope this is what you need!

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