ParadisePad Sold or Rented at Mitchell Creek Marina

Are you looking for a foam water pad? No need to look any farther. You can buy or rent at Mitchell Creek Marina.

Pad rentals are $50 per day. Rent a pad online HERE.

Purchasers of ParadisePad are quickly calling ParadisePad the Cadillac of foam water pads. Be careful of other foam pads that don’t have a tear resistant membrane or not made in the USA. Purchase a premium ParadisePad that is made to last for many years vs a 2nd product made to last one season.

Available now in two styles and 7 colors:
2ply rated at 1450 lbs.
3ply rated at 1800 lbs

Why is a premium ParadisePad a better fit for your family?
* higher density uv resistant foam for enhanced buoyancy, and better tear resistance.
* best available tear resistant membrane.
*stainless steel tether system. We don’t use plastic tethers that we break or pull out of pad.
*bungee cord. We use a much longer bungee cord to reduce danger around boat or dock with a stainless steel carabiner

ParadisePad is a marine grade cross-linked HIGH DENSITY foam with UV stabilizers and added proprietary tear resistance material for increased tear resistance. We have seen the rest and have made the best product for the money.

If you want increased performance from you foam pad with much greater buoyancy and tear resistance, premium ParadisePad’s is the only solution.

All pads include 2 Velcro straps, 10’+ bungee cord and a stainless steel tethering system. 1 year limited warranty.

To purchase and for pricing contact:

Mitchell Creek Marina

1260 Livingston Boat Dock Road

Allons, TN 38541

(931) 823-6666

(866) 533-1842

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