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Notes About Boaters’ Insurance

The State of Tennessee does not actually require boaters to carry any insurance, however, there is no one who thinks it is wise to leave such a large investment uncovered. And while you may not be required to have coverage, you remain liable should someone become injured or should someone’s property be damaged due to a boating accident.

The Following is A Guest Blog from Augustine Insurance Group:

Augustine Insurance Group offers some information to Tennessee boat owners in this Guest Blog to help insulate you from liability and to help assure that you are able to recover financially should something go awry.

Insurance for Tennessee Boaters:

Tennessee law doesn’t require boaters to carry insurance. However, by getting coverage, you can rest assured that you have financial assistance in case you have to pay for recovery costs arising from a wreck or other accident. Some of the coverage you need is:

Liability Insurance: Coverage insures you against the property damage or injuries you cause to third parties, such as other boaters. It is important to carry this coverage because it will help you repay someone else if you are at-fault for their losses in a wreck.

Physical Damage Insurance: Coverage will help you pay for damage to your own vessel. It will usually include collision insurance, to cover wreck damage, and comprehensive coverage, that pays for other types of damage, such as theft or fires.

Uninsured Boater Insurance: This component of your policy will cover your boat’s damage if someone else hits your boat but does not have liability insurance available to compensate you.

Guest Passenger Liability Coverage: If you decide to hand the keys to a family member or friend, then there’s a chance they might cause an accident. They might not have boat insurance of their own. You can make sure they have they have at-fault coverage under a guest passenger liability policy.

We all head to the lake to have fun. Having insurance means that you are protected for potential financial risks in case of problems.

About Augustine Insurance Group:

For over 40 years, Augustine Insurance Group has provided top-of-the-line, expert-backed insurance policies throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. Our dedicated agents can help you determine the boat insurance that’s right for your vessel, and we’re more than happy to help you maximize your policy’s affordability at the same time.

Connect with us by visiting our website or by calling us at (931) 431-3677 during business hours.

Bring Sunscreen!

You’ve packed towels, life jackets, bathing suits, fishing gear, food, paper supplies, phone charger, a great summer book, toiletries…. But one of the most important supplies you need to remember is BRING SUNSCREEN! – And, of course, if you run out or forget, you can pick up Sunscreen in the Marina Store.

And there are some important things you need to know to make sure that your fun in the sun at Dale Hollow isn’t changed by too much sunshine. The first is to understand that not all sunscreens are created equal!

There are two types of sunrays, UVA an UVB. Both can be harmful but sunscreens vary in which types of rays they help protect against. UVA are rays are the longer rays that cause skin damage, aging and some cancers. UVB are shorter rays that cause sunburns, skin damage and some cancers.

You want to select a broad spectrum sunscreen that helps with both UVA and UVB protections.

The second issue is SPF. Sunscreens come in various ratings for SPF. Your skin will begin to turn pink/red within 20 minutes of exposure to the sun. Sunscreens that have ratings of at least 15 SPF are supposed to be able to protect you for an additional 15 times. Of course, this assumes that you are not wet or sweaty.

A rating of 15 SPF should block 93% of the UBV light. 30 SPF blocks 97% and 50 SPF blocks 98% of UBV light.

It also takes time for your cells to absorb the sunscreen to provide any protections. You should always plan to apply sunscreen 20 minutes BEFORE you expect to be in the sun. And you should reapply sunscreen every 20 minutes after the first application or after getting wet.

The amount of sunscreen you use should be about 1 oz for each application. That is the equivalent of about a shot glass of sunscreen for each person for each application. Many studies of sunscreen use indicate that most people use only about 25% of the quantity needed to actually protect them.

And make sure that you apply sunscreen to the “forgotten spots”! These include the tops of your feet, back of your neck, behind your ears and along the part in your scalp.

A word about babies. Under 6 months old, babies sensitive skin can react badly to both the chemicals of sunscreen AND the sun exposure.


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